Nigeria has an estimated population of 170, 000, 000 people. This puts pressure on food supply. Ironically, the country depends largely on the rural farmers (who are mostly peasants) for its food needs. There are very few large scale commercial farmers. Various agricultural policies and programs have been introduced to stimulate food production but they failed. Why won’t they fail? The struggle is for public offices. This is a country where a near bankrupt person goes into a public office and leaves a billionaire. Politics in Nigeria is, indeed, the real poverty alleviation program. Win election, you win a piece of the national cake. Funny!

The food security of the country is hugely challenged, presently, by the insecurity in the North of the country, the unfolding political crisis in some States and entrenched corruption in the system. For food security, to be realized, every food production program or policy must be organically linked to the people: especially designing, and implementation.

The picture here is an Hausa yam market in a South-East State of Nigeria. Nigerians need food not bombs. There is need for citizens actions for peace and co-existence in the country. Every religion preaches peace! Why the spate of violent conflicts? Why the killings? We can live as one and enjoy our natural resources as one.

Vote for peace in Nigeria, first, before voting for any political party or politician. This is a campaign for peace and security through food security in Nigeria.

The picture is courtesy of Afrikaa Village Square


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