​Peaceful protest and strike action by workers are part of the fundamental human rights of citizens and workers. They are protected under freedom to association and assembly, and freedom to expression. Our experience as a country shows that the right to peacefully protest and the right to strike by workers are not tolerated by State Governors. They use State force to crush them. They threaten the citizens and workers, if they dare so assemble and/or express themselves. 
Nigeria is an interesting country. Our politrickians think that the citizens are foolish. Since the rumour of a coup became public, our politrickians are warning that Nigerians will resist any coup attempt. Yes, Nigerians will resist a coup attempt. Let them that the resistance is not because of them, or because of they are doing well. It is for our love and quest for democracy. We cannot afford to watch our democracy truncated for the third time. However, I sincerely doubt if there is such a thinking in the military now. I take the press statement by the Presidency that it is a hoax as the true position. Who might have generated the hoax? 
For emphasis, Nigerians do not want a coup. Let any change of government come from the ballot box via a free and fair general election. This is where INEC must acquit itself or go to the dungeon of history. 
It is important to state that election rigging is also a coup because it undermines and subverts the popular will of the electorate. It gives control of government to an individual or a political party contrary to the law. The Constitution decries taking over of power or control of government contrary to it. Section 1(2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) is clear on the issue. 
If State Governors and political chieftains in the country are calling for civil disobedience to a military coup, which is not likely, what are we taking out of their call? It follows that as a people we must be prepared to rise and massively reject any form of electoral rigging in 2019. We cannot continue to be apathetic to electoral rigging. 
The State Governors constitute one of the huge challenges to democracy and democratic leadership in the country. Many of them are petty and mean. Here are elected leaders who scuttle, violate and threaten harmfully the citizens right to peacefully protest and workers right to strike promoting civil disobedience because they felt that their selfish and arrogant hold on governance is about to be threatened. The same individuals who oppose protest and strike are canvassing for opposition to a coup. The question is: How? The other is that if a coup should be opposed, which I support, if ever such a misadventure is attempted, why can’t the citizens utilize peaceful protest and workers utilizing strike action to oppose inhuman policies and programmes, indeed, bad governance? This is the irony of our democracy . I abhor violent protest. It is not democratic. 
It is so relieving that the Military and the Presidency have dispelled the coup rumour. Rumour mongers can now rest. We need credible general elections, not coup is an aberration to democratic governance. The rumour should cause our politrickians to undertake self evaluation of their leadership. 
Nigeria is destined for greatness; its challenge is corrupt and poor leadership that it has continued to experience over the decades.


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