​The Channel’s TV report of clash between the Police on duty and Navy personnel in Calabar is a clear testimony of the weight of impunity that the Military still unleashes on Nigerians though we are under a civil dispensation. The reported incident is akin to vulture eating vulture which in our culture is regarded as an abomination or a taboo. 
The report has it that three Policemen were killed as a result of the cladh and a Police Station burnt. This is serious. It is important to ask: What was the offence of the Police men on duty? Also,  are Navy personnel above the law and therefore not subject to the Police Act and the Constitution that have empowered the Police to discharge their duties of policing? 
It is disheartening that we keep padding the impunity of the military institution in this country. There was this incident of a man who was harassed for spitting from a vehicle on the highway before nearing  a military checkpoint. His conduct could be a bad manner, but definitely not a crime. He was accused by the soldiers of spitting on them. This was just to humiliate him. On the road, you see citizens asked to undergo different punishments at military checkpoints for offences adjudged by them. What of being flogged with ‘koboko’? 
Citizens get embarrassed and humiliated in various ways by the security apparati of the nation. The citizens in dealing with military personnel are like second class citizens. It is an insult to ask a military man or woman on duty what offence a person has committed to be punished. You will likely be embarrassed or threatened with corporal punishment. You may be subjected to a punishment too. The situation is unwelcome and the authorities must start to address it.
The Federal Government must wake to its responsibility of protecting the citizens from military brutality and impunity. The burning of the Police Station in Calabar and killing of three Policemen are clear offences in law: they are arson and murder. The perpetrators and the accomplices should not be shielded. They should be subjected to the due process of law: arrested, investigated and prosecuted. If found liable, they should be convicted and face the wrath of the law. 
I am however worried as my mind keeps saying to me: I bet, nothing will be done to them. It is a dead matter. If my heart beat comes to pass, then what a country?


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