I have the press release by INEC signed by Prof. Okey Ibeanu reacting to the insinuations as to why INEC obeyed the Court order that status quo be maintained and the step it has taken. 

I must state that obedience to court order is an act of civility that should be encouraged. Obedience to court orders is one of the hallmarks of democracy while disobedience to court orders is act of rascality and threatens democracy. So, INEC should not be demonized for obeying the said order. There is no doubt, in my mind, that It acted rightly. It cannot pick and choose which court order to obey and the one order to disobey. 
INEC stated that it has caused a petition to the CJN against the Judge. I strongly maintain that the petition is uncalled for. What is the purpose? INEC should have immediately filed a Motion on Notice seeking for an accelerated hearing of the matter stating the reason of constitutional imperativeness which will cause the Court to vacate the September date and give a close date. Lest I forget, I read that INEC has filed the needed application. So, what is the utility of the petition? 
We should remind ourselves that it is not every mistake or slip by a Judge in a matter that is borne out of corruption and politicitization of a case and therefore calls for or requires a petition to the CJN. A Judge is a human being and can err. In this case, what if the Judge has adjourned the case to the date because of the vacation of the Court. Also, he might have interpreted the provision of the constitution in his mind differently from INEC and felt that the adjourned date is safe. That he erred is not such that should warrant an imputation. For me that is what INEC’s letter to the CJN has done. If not, what is it? 
It is tantamount to subtle harassment of the judiciary not to give Judges benefit of doubt in certain cases, instead petitions are caused because slip or mistake in matters like this. The truth is that there are rules of Court that address many of the situations that are made subjects of petitions to the CJN. This new trend of petitioning is becoming inimical to the powers and independence of the judiciary. It will likely cow the judiciary, if care is not taken. 
Good morning all. You may not share my view, politely state your position. Do not insult anyone that expresses a view that is contrary to yours.


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