Repeatedly, I have stated that pretence is hurting the country. Many of us pretend as if they are not seeing or feeling the pressure being piled on our coexistence and integration. We should be interested in strengthening the country and not in strengthening any ethnic or religious section. It means that those in power must lead the way in words and actions. I believe that every section of the country has the good, the bad and the ugly. No section or group loves the country more than the others. No section has more saints than the others. We are all together in the project of building Nigeria. 
There is no debate that our Constitution is not perfect. In its imperfection, it has certain provisions meant to address our peculiarities. One of the provisions is the federal character provision. It is most criticised provision of the Constitution. Critically examined, it has its own strength and benefit. 
For us to inculcate the spirit of oneness that provision is needed. There is need to implement it. It is like the footstool for national coexistence and integration. Ironically, many of us argue against it when it conflicts with our parochial or selfish interests and ambitions and turn round to anchor on it when it is being used against us. This is the irony of our country. 
By our realities, there are no justifications to overlook or play down on the provision. Our leaders should be interested in inspiring nation building than patching sectional ambitions. As a country, we should sincerely be more concerned and worried about the future. For now is already with us, we may manipulate or manoeuvre it but the future is uncertain and so fluid. So, we should strenuously strive to shun parochial and selfish interests and build the country. 
Our leaders should endeavour not to feed or energize future advocates of secession by their discriminatory actions and policies. The feeling in certain sections that they are always treated or are being treated like second class citizens ought to be killed by pursuing accountable and humane policies and actions: ensuring equal security for all, treating all equally before the law, providing urgent basic needs of each section, etc. 
I reiterate that in a multi ethnic and religious country like ours, the observance of the constitutional provision on federal character is peace building, nation building and hope giving.


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