The insecurity in the country is increasing because we have security agencies that are not contemporary in securing the country: in thinking and in acting. There is little or no creative or proactive approach to our internal security issues and challenges. They still undertake or approach internal security matters the same old ways. Corruption has, also, aided the decay and near collapse immensely. The first duty of every government under our constitution is the protection of lives and properties. So, there is an urgent wake up call, if the situation will start changing in the country. 

Presently, there is high circulation or movement of light weapons in the country. You ask what is our Police, DSS and Custom Services doing to abate this deadly situation? I am not aware of any major initiative to frontally reduce the dangerous level of illicit arms in the country. As long there is dangerous level of illicit arms in the country, how can we talk of improving or fixing the situation? Fixing an internal security where bandits are so well armed like military troops? If we are serious, we should put the search light on our security agencies to know in practical and realistic terms why they are not optimally performing. 
The country needs preventive policing to improve our mutual security and not the present reactive policing. Proactive policing will be difficult, if our Police is not restructured and our policing strategy overhauled. I am still reflecting at the Preliminary Investigation Report of the Police as to the cause of the massacre. The puzzles to me are: Did the Police know? They might not. However, one thing is sure, they knew that there was a violent conflict brewing in the area between the parties they are pointing to. So, what did the Police do because a serious crime was involved?
The incident ugly should not be politicised or skewed for any parochial or primordial goal or reason . The security agencies should be top of their job. We need thorough and nationalistic zeal in them trying to unravel what actually happened and the perpetrators as several theses and stories already in the public domain. We need peace and security in the country. Insecurity has no ethnicity or gender. 


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