One point that the government keeps missing is that many Nigerians do not believe that the fight against corruption is not more of a witch hunt and big story full of propaganda . A fight that those who raise critical issues are called names, especially ‘wailers’ and castigated by the spin doctors of government. 
 I have been called a ‘wailer’ for simply raising a critical issue in a post. I confess that I wholly support the fight against corruption an also, I want it to succeed. However, I am convinced and have maintained that the State does not fight corruption with double standards and/or fairy tales. You fight corruption with concrete facts. Also that the State must fight corruption within the extant legal framework. 
I now come to the reason for this post. It is the recent allegation by the EFCC that certain persons (referred to as a cabal) want to tarnish the “unblemished integrity” of its boss, Magu. As a citizen, I consider the allegation serious. I believe that every responsible and responsive Government it serious and tackle the alarm with swiftness. Why? Magu should be the face of the anti-corruption fight in the country, after of Mr. President. 
Interestingly, both – Magu and Mr. President – have harmonious working relationship. Also, both have the legal power to cause the arrest of persons reasonably suspected of having committed economic and financial crimes. 

So, the alarm by EFCC that some persons have concocted plans to buy properties in foreign countries in the name of its  boss, Magu is one that should invoke critical reactions. There is no doubt that for the EFCC to blow this whistle, it should have it facts and figures; the alarm is not to harass us with unfounded allegations and tales by the moonlight. I will be right to state that, by now, the EFCC must have outgrown acting on rumours and hearsay. So, I take the said alarm very serious. I think that the Federal Government and every Nigerian should too. 
However, I have my worry and my concern. It is patriotic. The worry and the concerned are aptly captured in a short post on my Facebook wall: “Nigerians no be mugu! Nigerians no be mumu. Magu cause the arrest of those who bought the houses, if you are saying the truth.”I tweeted a similar post. I verily believe that only the arrest and successful prosecution of these ‘enemies of our country’ will help the EFCC. As it will  demonstrate that the EFCC is real and not full of diversionary or propaganda tactics. If no person is charged to Court, at least, for the alleged act, it will further affect the credibility of the EFCC. One may ask then: how do expect Nigerians  to continue to believe the EFCC? This is a tough question.