Sincerely, we are not building a nation. Nations are not built by speeches, but by deeds. When you listen to our leaders, you will think that they genuinely believe in peace and unity of this country as a people. Sad to state that if you evaluate their conducts and actions, you may start crying. How many can walk their talks on unity based on equity and justiice? It is jard to find or get. They are great hypocrites. There is so gross pretence in our country. The quest for political positions and patronages have blinded many and made the others dumb. While ethnicity and religion have robbed the conscience of the country. Otgerwise, why are people silent on the recent killings?

Many are criminally silent on the killings going on because they want to protect certain parochial interest(s) and/or obtain certain favour(s). Many, like the chameleon, have moved away from the positions they held in the past in similar situations to that of rationalizing the present killings. This is very painful. I know that justice has no ethnicity, religion, gender or age. Anyone can be a victim of injustice. So, I will always remind myself that there is always a tomorrow and it comes with surprises. Yes, tomorrow comes with its packages. The truth of life is that tomorrow often comes with baggage of surprises and unique situations.So I speak out in important or crucial moments so that I can find strength tomorrow. I therefore implore all to speak out! Say NO to the killings going-on! 

The killings have exposed the hypocrisy in many who parade themselves as part of the conscience of the country. I am not from the North Central; Benue State or Taraba State. I am speaking out because life is sacred! It could be anyone or the people tomorrow! Life has a way of unleashing tricks on persons and people. Let justice be done always, and there will be peace always


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