The killing of about 73 natives of Benue State by rampaging armed herdsmen left the State in werping and pains. Benue State became a river of blood and tears. 

The killings by herdsmen has become so worrisome as there are not yet any concrete and measurable strategy by the federal government to halt their menance. The cattle colony being proposed by the Federal Government is like saying kudos to the herders. The first thing is to bring under the law. 

One notes that cattle herding is a private business just like farming; both need lands. It is being asked: Is it empirical to advocate that the farmers should give away their lands to the cattle rearers who have openly, consistently and stoutly opposed ranching? Unlike the farmers, the herders have an option of ranching which gives them many advantages, which include living settled lives: the purpose of setting up the normadic education policy. Establishing cattle colony has both short term and long term consequences. Presently, many refer to it a process of colonialism. There is no doubt that it will breed future violent conflicts which the consequences may be more destructive. 

I think the issue will not be resolved by land conscription by the government by any method but by enabling the parties sit and discuss and may be come to terms on a road map to sustainable peace. 


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