About Nigerian Voice

Nigerian Voice is Uche Wisdom Durueke’s blog on contemporary issues in Nigeria – especially issues of democracy, human rights, rule of law, human development and security. 

Uche Wisdom Durueke is a lawyer, human rights and pro-democracy activist. He has held various important positions in the human rights and pro-democracy movement in Nigeria. Presently, he is the President of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), the foremost human rights organization in Nigeria and the President of the Centre for Peace Across Borders (CePAB), a peace building group based in South-East, Nigeria . He sits on the Board other nongovernmental organization’s. He sat on the Board of West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP), Nigeria as Director of Publicity.  

He is the Alternate Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of Nigerian Bar Association, Owerri Branch. He handles pro bono cases of the branch. 

He is a consultant, researcher, trainer and conference speaker.

You are welcome to this blog that promises to be interesting and informative. We encourage you to follow him and to feel free to make your comments to his blogs.

You can reach him on phone: 08033952883 and via email: duruekelawfirm@yahoo.com.  

Thanks for your attention. GOD bless you!

Uche Wisdom  A. Durueke


5 thoughts on “About Nigerian Voice

  1. Can you please resend the e-mail because I have not received it and to know what you need. I will appreciate it. Thank you!
    Ibe. D.


  2. I want to contact you regarding human right abuse by a Nigerian lawyer towards me because he possesses positions of power in our country, Nigeria.

    His abuse towards me has emotionally and psychologically tormented me.

    I need your help and that of the organization you head.

    I will appreciate your response. God bless!


    Ibe, D


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