The Super Eagles of Nigeria today at Eusene stadium, Calabar trounced the noise making Malawian national team, the Flames by two unreplied goals. The Super Eagles flew past the Flames in beautiful styles. By this victory, Nigeria has qualified for the World Cup African play-offs.  It is: Congratulations, the Super Eagles

Stephen Keshi and the players must not rest. The Nigerian green-white-green flag must be hoisted in Brazil 2014 World Cup.

I remain proud of you: The Super Eagles. You remain the best in Africa. I wish the team well in the subsequent matches.

Go Super Eagles, Go Super Eagles!




My Super Eagles, you should not over entertain in today’s international friendly match against the Bafana Bafana of South Africa! I want you guys to know that goals only count in a football match for victory. Football is all about scoring goals: nothing more. Don’t forget that only goals make a team a winner or champion, not the beautiful and several dribbles by the players, or the scintillating romance of the ball by the players. The ovation for goal remains the loudest in every football match. So, any football artistry or display that won’t facilitate the scoring of goal or producing goal or halting a goal against the team is not necessary. Play your normal game. Football artistry should be to overwhelm a team’s opponents.

A team entertains in a football match when it is secured or has comfortably assured itself of winning or qualifying by the points already garned or goals already scored, or it is already out of a competition. The entertainment will be to arouse or appease its supporters, whichever case, and or to put the team in the remembrance of the spectators watching.

When prestige and or reputation are at stake, like the match today, the match should be dynamic, tactical and robust. The players, today, must be mobile and daring. You guys must stoutly defend the green white green colours of Nigeria. We are the African champions! For me, nothing counts in today’s match than a resounding victory.

I remain proud of you, the Super Eagles: the best in Africa and a global football force. Go and trounce South Africa in South Africa!


Keshi must tighten Super Eagles defence with a creative solid rock defence. The team’s academicals type of defence will easily collapse before a tactical and fast ttacking team. The Super Eagles defenders seem heavy and slow to return or quickly recover. They are, also, naive and timid in their approach to the game. The last goal by Spain confirms my position.

The Super Eagles should stop the samba mentality or display. Brazil is moving away from samba football. Playing good samba football does not make a champion. What makes a champion is tactical approach with clinical finishings. Goals win matches, andv hey are products of efficient build up.

The Spanish national team has reached its apogee. It ought not have beaten the Super Eagles. It is declining. It will not win the Confederation cup. For 2014 World Cup, it will struggle. It won’t get to the semi~final of the World Cup. Germany and Italy are teams to watch with Brazil as host.

Nigeria`s Super Eagles is a team in progress. If it qualifies for 2014 World Cup, the team will do better. The potentiality is there.

Despite all, I remain a faithful supporter of the Super Eagles!



To the poser, I will quickly say that it is not impossible. In my analysis of yesterday Bayern Munich V. Barcelona FC match, I stated thus: “. . . the next semi final match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid . . . will be a tactical and aggressive match.  For sure, Real Madrid will fight to score as (an) away goal will matter at the return leg.” I stated that Borussia Dortmund would draw inspiration from Bayern Munich’s massive win over Barca. The inspiration was there. You saw the drive. Good for German football.

The other point that I re-stated in my analysis on Bayern Munich V. Barcelona FC is that the German football is on a ‘decent rejuvenation.’ Massive victories against star studded while funded football teams. Football administration in Germany is better than most countries, including England and Spain. In one of my posts in this blog, I predicted that German will post good results at the next World cup in Brazil. Germany is back with a bang.

I salute Christiano Ronaldo!  He is a great player. He will play out his heart in the return leg match. I dare say that if Real Madrid crosses the Borussia Dortmund’s hurdle, it will lift the champion’s league cup for 2013. Watch out!

Those saying that Real Madrid would not qialify for the final match, have you thought of this: If Borussia Dortmund could score four goals against Real Madrid, why does it seem impossible for Real Madrid to score Borussia Dortmund three to nil or four to nil? I sincerely believe that Real Madrid still has the chance to advance to the final.

One big lesson that Barca and Real Madrid should learn is that these German teams come into the 2nd half more tactical.


The massive defeat of Barcelona FC by Bayern Munich FC tonight is a clear validation that the Germany football is resurging. For those who followed my recent posts on football, you would have noted that in my post entitled: FOOTBALL MATTERS – MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS, I stated that the German football is witnessing a ‘decent rejuvenation.’ That Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund are in the semi finals of the 2013 Champions League is proof of my claim.

Back to the massive defeat of Barcelona FC, I think it is good for global football. In the recent time, the football commentators slipped into an error by dubbing Barcelona FC as invincible with alot of credit been splashed on Messi. The quater final defeat of AC Milan by Barcelona FC was ascribed to Messi. It was Messi’s victory! Football commentators eulogised him. I was one of the few football followers who refused to be carried away by the quarter final fluke.

Interestingly, today’s match has shown clearly that Messi is not talismanic as he been potrayed. Messi was on a picnic tonight. He was not given the space to operate. I have always stated that an experienced and confident team will dismiss Barcelona FC any time. This is what Bayern Munich has shown tonight. Bayern Munich was brilliant tonight. It dazzled. Bayern Munich FC tonight flew like a butter fly and stung a bee. This accounts for the TKO against Barca FC.

I will comment briefly on the next semi final match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid. It will be a tactical and aggressive match. Borussia Dortmund will be inspired by the success of Bayern Munich tonight and turn the heat on Real Madrid. This may be their undoing, if not well handled. Real Madrid will play what I call a ‘false game’ against Borussia Dortmund. A ‘false game’ refers to starting a game as if a team intends to attack while its plot is to defend. Real Madrid will likely utilize counter attacks. For sure, Real Madrid will fight to score as the away will matter at the return leg.

I see Borussia Dortmund play alot of attention to Christiano Ronaldo. This could damage its game plan. As I see Ronaldo do alot of assists instead because he will be closely watched by Borussia. Mourinoh may play Essien in the midfield to win balls and attack. If Kaka is played, it is force Borussia Dortmund not to be so adventerous. It is a kind of mind game. Kaka is still deadly, and could wreck any defence in a good day.

The return leg of Bayern Munich and Barcelona FC will be a match to watch. Judging from the performance of both teams tonight, Barcelona FC needs a double ‘five star’ perforamce to beat Bayern Munich in Nou Camp. The return leg may be filled with intrigues as Barcelona FC will be poshed to overturn the defeat, at all cost! One strategy Barca may deploy is aggressive game against Bayern Munich players whose may lose their cool and become prone to fouls. This is a plot for penalties and advantageous free kicks.

Tonight marks the end of a super start posturing by Barcelona FC. It is important to observe that Barcelona FC has not recovered with the exit of Eto and Ronaldino from the team. Eto was one Barca player that shone like a million stars but was not given his due respect in the team.

Imagine an Euro champion’s league final match between Bayern Munich FC and Real Madrid FC. It will be like a ‘thriller in Manila.’ It will be filled with great suspense till the final whistle because the two teams are hard working and daring too.


This year’s Europa cup has got alot of thrills that many might not have seen. Why? The Champions league continues to dwarf the Europa cup. This will, likely, continue for some seasons. For the Europa cup to generate great global attention, like Champions league, its marketing must change.

Last night, four teams with pedigree qualified for the semi-finals of the Europa cup: Chelsea, Benefica, Fenebarche and Basel. Looking at these teams, it is obvious that they are great teams. In the pairings for the semi-final, I expect great football, which will be more of tactical games. The reason being that increasingly, the first leg of matches are becoming decisive in both the champions league and the Europa cup. I expect more explosive first leg matches and less explosive return legs.

The 2013 Europa cup semi-finals and the final are matches that fans and general football watchers will likely have value for their money. There are great players and great teams involved. Also, the teams are playing frantic games. Watching Chelsea play, you will appreciate that the Europa cup is a great competition too.

In the past, some great Champion league teams that droped to the Europa cup hardly raised their games. Not this year, Chelsea FC has done well. UEFA should re-strategize its marketing of Europa cup to make it more attractive and thrilling outside Europe. This will help in making several European national leagues more thrilling too. For now, the struggle is for Champions league positions,

Basel FC is a team to watch out in this Europa cup. It may spring surprise! Ordinarily, Chelsea FC is expected to be crowned Europa cup champ. If Chelsea FC must get to the final and win, it has to work hard on its defence. It is conceeding goals, unlike before. However, it didn’t start with Benitez. The Chelsea attack must be more robust in approaching goals.

What do you think? Readers’ opinion are expected.



Last night, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund qualified for the semi finals of the European champions league. It was a great game by Real Madrid with Christiano Rolando showing the stuff that has established him as truly the world best. No fluke! Malaga played well, but for lack of experience on how to handle such a game.

Today, there will be two crackers Barca V. PSG and Juventus V. Bayern Munich. My desire is that Bayern Munich and PSG will qualify too. Two German teams at semi final stage will be great for a country that has good policy on buying of players and transfer matters.

I like the German football. The German league has teams with great history and pedigree. They are business like and not noisy like some teams in Spain and England. There is a decent rejuventation of the German football. I love it. I see German posting good results at Brazil 2015 World cup.

The German teams remind me of my darlyn team in Nigeria, Enugu Rangers International. The only team in the Nigeria Premier league that has not gone on relegation. A highly resilient team. Congratulations, Enugu Rangers for making Nigeria proud at the African continent recently. While the other teams in continental competitions have crashed out, you are still there. My rugged and dogged team, I salute you. Do more for us at the African continent this season.

Lobi Stars that went down 7 – 1 should be investigated. We need to know what went wrong. Heartland FC of Imo State could not be rescued by the Imo State Rescue Government. The team could not charter a flight for its game at Gabon when it became most necessary. What is the management of public finance all about? Heartland FC is one team that has achieved alot, yet the team’s welfare is not a priority issue to the owner.

NFA and NFF should come hard on owners of teams, be it government or companies or individuals, who are not investing well in the teams to quit from the teams. Our Premier League should be made attractive. If our football must catch up with that of the great soccer nations, there is need to peg the minimum sum owners of Premier League teams must invest in teams annually. There is, also, need for a template on football club management and minimum qualification for coaches of Premier League teams. Football is big business, the owners must be ready to invest now.

I suggest that we should understudy and adopt the German football administration approach. It will faciliate Nigeria’s emergence a truly football power in the World.

Let’s nurture and harness the many young soccer talents in Nigeria!